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Love, Life, and Laughter

Life is primarily about people ... the relationships that are most treasured in this world. As Thoreau put: "to live deep and suck out all of the marrow of life." To me, this means that we prioritize the people in our lives with time, love and laughter.

Following Jesus into the World

Ministry is also about people. It's about connecting people with their Creator. It's about recognizing that God is intimately involved in the minutia of life even when we don't recognize him there. One of the most wonderful things about God is that he calls himself Immanuel. . . God with us. He is not some distant being, but one who is closer than a brother. 

For the Love of the Game

From my youth I've had a rather a long and distinguished relationship with America's pastime. A die hard Dodger fan from before I can remember, I've loved the game in all its beauty. I love the history of the game. I love the nuances and changes that have come over time. I love watching records fall and future Hall of Famers making their case for Cooperstown.

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