Nudge Week 4: Seeking Beauty

Welcome to another week of Nudge.  Being Thanksgiving week we are looking at seeking and finding beauty in all of life.  Take a look at the video and leave some thoughts on where you find beauty and what you’re thankful for.  I look forward to seeing where you find beauty.

Nudge Experiment Week 4: Seeking Beauty

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The Nudge Experiment Week 3: The Scent of Life

This week our discussion is centered around the aroma of life. What are those smells that take us places? What memories are conjured up when we walk into a bakery or in my case drive by In-N-Out Burger? Scientists have linked scent with memory in our limbic area of our brains. Smells can take us back days, weeks, and even decades to various good or bad times. What are the smells of our faith? What place does scent play in your journey with God? These are the questions that await your answers this week at the Nudge Experiment.

Nudge Experiment Week 3: The Scent of Life


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Nudge Experiment Week 2: Hearing

Week 2 we have the privilege of ‘hearing’ from Grammy nominated singer-songwriter, Stephen Petree.  Stephen shares about how he hears from God as well as how he creates music to connect others to God.  Watch the video and let me know what you think!

Nudge Week 2: Hearing

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Nudge Experiment Week 1: Taste

The Nudge Experiment- Week 1

FYI to those of you viewing this video, this is a bit longer than they are intended to be.  Please know that these will on average be about five minutes each.  I look forward to hearing what your thoughts are.




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Nudge Experiment

Over the next four weeks, I will be posting a weekly video blog designed to find God in the everyday.  Each week will focus on a different sense in which God can be observed or experienced.  Feel free to post your own reflections, pictures, videos that add to or challenge what I’ve posted.  This is meant to be a conversation and it’s meant to be a way of helping all of us experience God more in our lives. . . even if that’s something completely foreign to you.  Hopefully, together we will see, hear, taste, touch and smell God as never before and as such will experience more of what it truly means to be human.

Thanks for joining me on the journey.

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