What Now?

IMG_7076For the past four years, my life has been exceedingly busy as I’ve pursued my Masters of Divinity degree at George Fox. Between school, work, ministry, and family (not listed in order of priority, but often in order of being addressed) I have often not known which way was up. Well that season officially came to an end this weekend as I graduated with my wonderful cohort up in Portland.

Graduation was a wonderful and affirming time. I was even recognized by my professors with the Outstanding Ministry Student Award which went to the person who was able to juggle the most balls in the air while completing their degree program. While I’m of course joking with that last comment, it is none-the-less accurate, at least in my perception of how the past four years have gone. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have traded these years for anything, but they have certainly taken their toll on me. . . and on my family. For that reason, I’m excited to see that chapter close and a new one open.

So over the past several months I have been asked what I’m going to do once I finish school.  Some have wondered aloud whether I would be seeking a new Senior pastor position or continuing on with a doctorate or various other possibilities.  Well actually for the most part, my plan is to do nothing different.  Not really nothing, but nothing extraordinary.

I plan to continue serving as the Mission Pastor at NorthPark where I have the amazing job of mobilizing people into various mission and outreach opportunities.  I plan to expand what we as a church are doing both locally and globally.  There are a lot of things boiling beneath the surface that I will be bringing to the light in the coming months.  I am hoping to do more teaching and discipling people here and assist in any areas where I’m needed.

I am also looking forward to spending a good amount of time with my family as they have often got the leftovers of my time.  We do have a couple of trips planned this year that I will not be bringing homework along for!

Lastly, I have accepted a part-time position with Children of the Nations as the Area Community Representative for the Santa Clarita Valley.  For the past few years we have been involved with COTN on various levels from our annual Million Meals Marathon to taking a team to Uganda last summer.  As the ACR I will work with local churches to represent COTN and further God’s work through their ministries.

So for those of you expecting some big announcement about us moving overseas or me starting a PhD program, I’m sorry to disappoint you.  I am, however, very excited about this new season in my life and thrilled to be serving the Lord in the Santa Clarita Valley!

About Bob Hudson

In many ways, I see myself as a hobbit. I have this innate desire for adventure and danger and yet I live most of my life in the comfort of the Shire. I am a student of life and theology and seek to bring peace and reconciliation wherever God leads me. I am blessed to walk this life with my beautiful wife Mimi and our two teenaged daughters, Natalie and Rebecca.
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