You Will Go Free

church“A church is the only organization that exists primarily for the benefit of non- members.” So said the great British writer and thinker of the 20th Century, C.S. Lewis. While I believe that is true, it is easy to get bogged down in matters pertaining to our own members and forget the bigger picture of why we exist. It takes a supreme concentration of intentionality to stay on task.

One of the ways, we are attempting to stay on task is by implementing a course for non-Christians called Exploring Christianity. It has been an incredibly life-giving experience for me and I believe for others as well. We have been challenged by some very bright individuals who have valid questions about the credibility and credulity of the Christian faith. We have tried to be honest about our own doubts and sincere about why we believe.  While it is our hope that these friends will find hope and faith in Jesus, there is nothing coercive about our approach.

One of the interesting aspects of the course is that it is almost entirely attended by couples with a believing and an unbelieving partner. For the believers, they have no greater desire and mission than to have the person they love most come to know Jesus. After we met last night, I was listening to a old song that shared this same sentiment.  The song is entitled: You Will Go Free and is by Tonio K (and it’s ok if you don’t know who that is)!

The lyrics tell the story of a believer longing for the time when his wife will be come to faith in Jesus.

You’ve been a prisoner
Been a prisoner all your life
Held captive in an alien world
Where they hold your need for love to your throat like a knife
And they make you jump
And they make you do tricks
They take what started off as such an innocent heart
And they break it and break it and break it
Until it almost can’t be found

Well I don’t know when
And it don’t know how
I don’t know how long it’s gonna take
I don’t know how hard it will be
But I know
You will go free

You can call it the devil
Call it the big lie
Call it a fallen world
Whatever it is, it ruins almost everything we try
It’s the sins of the fathers
It’s the choices we make
It’s people screaming without making a sound
From prison cells in paradise
Where we’re chained to our mistakes

Well I don’t know when
And it don’t know how
I don’t know how much it’s gonna cost you
Probably everything
But I know
You will go free

You can’t see your jailer
You can’t see the bars
You can’t turn your head round fast enough
But it’s everywhere you are
It’s all around you
And everywhere you walk this prison yard surrounds you

But in the midst of all this darkness
In the middle of this night
I see truth cut through this curtain like a laser
Like a pure and holy light
And I know I can’t touch you now
And I don’t want to speak too soon
But when we get sprung
From out of our cages baby
God knows what we might do

Well I don’t know when
And it don’t know how
I don’t know how much it’s gonna cost you
Probably everything
But I know
You will go free

“Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free” John 8:32 NIV.


“You Will Go Free” written by Tonio K; produced by T-Bone Burnett for the album: Romeo Unchained on A & M Records; 1984.

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In many ways, I see myself as a hobbit. I have this innate desire for adventure and danger and yet I live most of my life in the comfort of the Shire. I am a student of life and theology and seek to bring peace and reconciliation wherever God leads me. I am blessed to walk this life with my beautiful wife Mimi and our two teenaged daughters, Natalie and Rebecca.
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