The Nudge Experiment Week 3: The Scent of Life

This week our discussion is centered around the aroma of life. What are those smells that take us places? What memories are conjured up when we walk into a bakery or in my case drive by In-N-Out Burger? Scientists have linked scent with memory in our limbic area of our brains. Smells can take us back days, weeks, and even decades to various good or bad times. What are the smells of our faith? What place does scent play in your journey with God? These are the questions that await your answers this week at the Nudge Experiment.

Nudge Experiment Week 3: The Scent of Life


About Bob Hudson

In many ways, I see myself as a hobbit. I have this innate desire for adventure and danger and yet I live most of my life in the comfort of the Shire. I am a student of life and theology and seek to bring peace and reconciliation wherever God leads me. I am blessed to walk this life with my beautiful wife Mimi and our two teenaged daughters, Natalie and Rebecca.
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